Our Community Guiding Principles

As a membership community, we share important guiding principles that define the foundation and spirit of our experience together. The following principles guide our Community:

We Put Relationships First

We believe relationships are more important than the money we can make. The richness in our lives and experiences come from the people and relationships we invest in.

We Believe Time is Our Most Precious Asset

Getting to the truth of opportunities quickly makes the most of our time and commitments. We invest our time in people and opportunities capable of enriching lives and creating lasting impact.

We Give More than We Take

Success and enrichment come from adding value to the community and to one another before extracting value. We believe the more we share, the greater our personal fulfilment and impact on the greater good can be.

We Succeed through Collaborating

We believe openly sharing our wisdom and expertise with kindness, honesty and thoughtful feedback helps us and others grow and succeed. We believe in critiquing ideas and opportunities, not people.

We Value Loyalty, Trust and Respect

We support a safe, respectful and collaborative community environment where we can share openly and honestly with one another. Safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality within our community enables us to grow stronger, accomplish more and sustain our impact.

Making Money Enables Our Impact

We look to create meaningful returns investing in venture-stage companies. Making money helps our investors and our company achieve long-term impact.

Code of Conduct

We also share a Community Code of Conduct which serves as an ethical framework for our participation in this community. Think of this framework just like those at a country club or other private membership organization you may belong to. All of us working together, with trust, transparency and collaboration can achieve far more than any of us alone. Plus, we can grow in new ways through the experience of investing and learning together in this community.

Our Code of Conduct honors the following:

We Respect Member Privacy and Confidentiality

We respect the privacy and maintain the absolute confidentiality of all Public Ventures members, member information, and our member roster at all times.

We safeguard the confidentiality of information shared within the community and with the companies we sponsor including presentations, strategies, deal documents, assessments and conversations among community members.

Failure to respect and maintain member privacy and confidentiality and safeguard confidentiality of information shared within the community could result in loss of membership with Public Ventures.

We Treat Each Other with Respect and Attention

We are a diverse community of people, rich with wisdom and experiences to share. As such, we accept different backgrounds brought to our community and treat all members with common respect.

We accept and encourage each other as peers on a journey of learning and discovery. We strive to meet one another where we are to enrich our journey.

We recognize and avoid behaviors that are unacceptable, hurtful or unlawful because it is the right thing to do. We make it a practice to critique ideas and opportunities, not attack or disparage the people sharing them.

Because we value our time and relationships, we make it a priority to respond to all inquiries and communications from fellow members and the community, usually within 24 hours.

We Champion a Culture of Loyalty, Trust and Respect

We support a safe, respectful, and collaborative community environment where we can share openly and honestly with one another. Any activity or behavior that compromises the safety, health or respect of any member or the Community will not be tolerated.

We openly share our expertise, perspectives and feedback with care and kindness, not judgement. We presume goodwill and positive intentions in our relationships and our interactions within the community.

We lead by example through our actions, contributions and teamwork. We aim to recognize the contributions of others and give credit to other people’s ideas.

We Honor Our Commitment to Members and the Community

We actively contribute our expertise and resources to benefit the Community and to support the companies we sponsor. We regularly participate in community investment opportunities and attend community activities and meetings because it enriches our community experience.

We follow through on all of our commitments to the Community and the companies we sponsor.

We personally and proactively address disagreements or counterviews directly with members and management on a one-to-one basis in a respectful exchange.

We Act with Good Judgement and Full Transparency

We exercise good judgement in sharing ideas, expertise and opportunities that arise through the Community to support the companies we sponsor.

We comply with all United States, SEC and FINRA laws, rules and regulations. We are prohibited by law and Public Ventures’ policy from trading securities when we are aware of material information that is not known to the public. This prohibition extends to trading in securities of companies we have sponsored or those of interest, when we are aware of material information of those companies that is not known to the public. Using such information to trade in securities or providing such information to a family member, friend or any other person who then buys or sells securities (known as “tipping”) is illegal.

We disclose with full transparency via email ([email protected]) any conflicts of interest between our businesses and Public Ventures, our business activities with other members and/or our business activities with sponsored companies or other MDB Capital Holdings’ owned or affiliated companies.

We Enrich Our Relationships, Not Take Advantage of Them

We are encouraged to create relationships within the Public Ventures Community and we are welcome to do business together.

Out of respect for one another, we agree not to use our relationships to raise funds, sell services or products, or seek special advantages from fellow members unless we are invited by them to solicit them.

We agree not to directly market to any member without that member first agreeing to receive such communications.

We understand that Public Ventures will not intervene or otherwise get involved in any private disputes between members, including disputes arising from business or personal transactions. Members are responsible for the conduct of their family members and/or guests when interacting with the Public Ventures Community.

Applying Our Code of Conduct

Why Do We Have a Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct serves as our compass for conducting our Community, fulfilling our member experience and supporting the visionary technology companies we sponsor. It sets forth the standards that guide our actions and describes the values and behavior we expect of one another.

Our Code of Conduct Applies to All of Us

Our Code of Conduct applies to all Public Ventures Community members, employees, and officers of our organization. Together, we make the Community great for one another.

Responsibilities Under Our Code of Conduct

As members, employees or officers of the Community, we commit to follow the guidelines set forth in our Code of Conduct. We rely on one another to champion our culture of loyalty, trust and respect. We are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct at all times.

Consequences for Violating Our Code of Conduct

Consistently abiding by our Code of Conduct promotes the principles of the Public Ventures Community. Behavior contrary to our Community principles or Code of Conduct has the potential to harm the reputation of Public Ventures and reputations of its members and management. Any violation may result in loss of membership.

How to Seek Guidance or Report Any Concerns

Should you be aware of a violation of our Code of Conduct, please let us know. Simply reach out to one of us directly or you may use the confidential email below:

This will initiate a private and confidential conversation to understand the nature and circumstances of the violation and determine the appropriate course of action.

It is important to know that Public Ventures will not intervene or otherwise get involved in any private disputes between members, including disputes arising from business or personal transactions.

Important Disclosures

This document is intended only for the use of the addressee and may contain confidential, proprietary and/or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, any review, use, distribution, dissemination or copying of this email is prohibited. If you have received this document in error, please notify the sender by replying to the email that delivered this document and delete the email immediately. Securities trading, account management, and investment banking services are offered by Public Ventures, LLC, a subsidiary of MDB Capital Holdings LLC and a registered broker-dealer, member of FINRA and SIPC. Unless clearly stated, nothing herein shall be construed to be an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, any financial product.

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