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Our Process

Our collaborative process enables our community to fully diligence and understand the commercial potential of each opportunity.

We screen thousands of investment opportunities annually to identify the best companies with the potential to become market leaders in their technology category.

1. Screen

For companies that fit the Public Ventures investment criteria, we create an initial Theory of Opportunity about why the company’s technology is unique and how it could become a market leader in their technology category.

2. Due Diligence

For companies that enter the full diligence process, our analyst team deeply investigates every aspect of our investment criteria to fully understand the technology leadership potential and stress test our assumptions with experts in the field.

3. Develop/Package

Once we have clearly defined how a technology can become a category leader, we work with management to prepare comprehensive due diligence reports, refine the company’s business model, and develop investor presentations that articulate the company’s market leadership potential. We also get initial feedback from the Public Ventures community.

4. Roadshow

Once the strategy and messaging are complete, we distribute diligence reports and host investor presentations with each of our community members.

5. Finance

For companies our community backs, we provide between $10-$60 million in capital to the company.

6. Continued Support

Our community members are long-term investors who believe in the vision and commercial potential of the companies we back. We continue supporting our companies until commercialization and provide additional funding, etc.

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