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Company Focus

We back visionary public companies that have the potential to become market leaders in their technology category.

We invest $10-$60 million in companies with the key criteria that maximize the probability of technological leadership and public market valuation.

Public Companies

Under $500 million in market cap looking to complete follow-on financings of $10-$60 million via PIPE, registered and at-the-market offerings.


Initial public offerings (IPOs) of private companies seeking to raise $20-$60 million.

Private Companies

Pre-IPO equity financings of $5-$15 million for private companies committed to an IPO within the next 12-18 months.

Our Investment Criteria

Unique Technology

Well-defined technology differentiation to enable leadership in a new category.

Large Market Potential

Large market opportunity ($1B+) and/or solves big unmet need.

Platform Technology

Core technology deployed across different vertical markets or indications.

Early Inflection Point

Reasonable timeline and cost required to validate technology feasibility.

Clear Market Insertion

Explicit benefits drive adoption across the value chain (channel partners.)

Strong IP Position

Robust, defensible intellectual property position with broad claims covering the invention.

Top Management & Board

Experienced, results-driven management with clarity of purpose and interests aligned with shareholders.

Clarity of Purpose

Effective communication to articulate vision and why company can become a market leader.

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