Why Public Venture?

Historically, the public markets have served as a significant funding source for companies with new ideas and enabled the growth and development of visionary technologies that lead to advancements in our society.

What is Public Venture?

Financing and investing in development and early-stage growth companies entirely in the public markets.



Effective alternative to venture capital.



Current Companies


Trading below $500 million market value, historically called micro-cap.




$80B – $100B

Billions in financings per year, on average.

Why Public Venture?

For Visionary Companies

Companies like Amazon, Tesla, Walmart, Home Depot, among others, were brought public at very early stages. The capital provided through the public markets enabled their spectacular development into category leaders.

1. Easier To Raise Capital

Promising early-stage companies are able to raise substantial capital to fund technology development much easier than private companies or through traditional venture capital.

2. Lowest Financing Costs

Accessing capital from public markets is also the lowest cost way of raising large amounts of financing.

3. Multi-Billion $ Valuations

Early-stage companies with revolutionary technologies that successfully develop technology leadership positions are able to grow to over a multi-billion dollar public market valuations, pre-revenue.

4. Access Talent

Venture-stage companies are able to attract the best executives and talent by offering valuable tradable shares via the public market.

Why Public Venture?

For Investors

Venture investing in the public markets is the most transparent and liquid method for investors to participate in venture capital.

1. Largest Potential Returns

Historically the least efficient market, public venture offers discerning investors the opportunity for the largest gains possible in the public markets.

2. Equal & Open Access

Public venture investing is open to all classes of investors equally.

3. Transparency & Liquidity

Regular reporting requirements and daily trading make public venture the most transparent and liquid way to invest in early-stage companies.

4. Reduced Costs & Dilution

Directly investing in companies, not a fund like traditional venture capital, gives investors total control and eliminates unnecessary management and performance fees.

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