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Our Community

Venture-stage companies are more likely to succeed when supported and financed by a community of long-term-oriented, like-minded investors.

Our invite-only member community of executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders are long-term investors dedicated to supporting the visionary companies we back.

Exclusive & Accredited

Our invite-only member community consists of accredited, sophisticated, long-term investors who believe in creating value and lasting impact through financing and mentoring meaningful companies.

Long-Term Investors

We invest in relationships, not just a single transaction. The long-term commitment of members to the companies we back and our community translates into value and stability in public markets.

Expertise & Resources

Community involvement goes beyond financing. By sharing their individual expertise, reach and resources, our community helps companies quickly address critical needs and capitalize on opportunities.

Aligned Interests

We take all or a significant portion of fees in equity. Our unique diligence and collaborative financing process ensures members understand each technology’s potential. All parties are rewarded together on execution as long-term investors.

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